Thursday, June 4, 2009


As we were leaving Telluride, we decided to take a quick drive up to Mountain Village. I am so happy that my father-in-law suggested that because look at what was captured! The village was breathtaking! So here's a lesson in choosing where to shoot your subject from. The girls in the car all needed a pitstop, so we stopped at the store at the top of the mountain. I decided to take a quick stroll and went behind the buildings to get a better peak at what was down below and found the gondola building unattended! So, I took advantage! I remember learning to take a walk around your subject to see all the different angles. The next three pics are the same gondola, just shot from different positions. So, take a walk next time before shooting and see if there's a better angle! Don't just shoot the obvious.

I saw this shot as we were driving and made my father-in-law pull over! To get this one, I did two exposures, one for the sky and one for the grass and combined the two.


  1. Gorgeous. We'll be taking one of those in Breckenrdige Colorado here in a couple weeks. Hopefully it will be as pretty as that!!!