Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My time is almost here.

I can hear his laugh, feel his warm embrace, imagine a kiss...

Today though, I shared in Shannon's joy through her 1st Homecoming. There was no fly-in, no confetti over a ship or even any media coverage. The significance wasn't any less though. The excitement and anticipation in Shannon's face as she watched Shawn walk past the security gates. The joy in Shawn's eyes as he watched Trevor walk and run for the first time. The pure emotion was there. It was true. I was so honored to be there to capture that moment for them.

and I keep reminding myself that my time is almost here...


  1. Aawe! And who is going to take pictures for you??

  2. beautiful!! prayers of peace while you wait ...

  3. I get all weepy about any homecoming picture or story or whatever and I am not even an overly emotional person! I remember those times (4 deployments for Jack and I) and they are so sad and lonely, but the homecomings are amazing and make it all worth it! It's like being a newlywed all over again. I am so excited for you!

  4. Thanks again girl. It was so hard for me to ask you to take pictures for us but I'm so glad you were able to. It made it easier knowing that yours and Andy's homecoming is RIGHT around the corner. I am SO bummed we are moving before it will be here. I wish I could take pictures for you guys. Luckily Cara is going to do a great job. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

  5. Oh! I can't wait until you get yours! I'm almost there too and just reading this made me cry!! I've got a lot of homecomings coming up for friends I'm suppose to cover and I'm terrified I'm gonna be a blubbering idiot!