Saturday, April 4, 2009


I know, I know! I haven't been blogging much lately. I thought my time alone while Andy is away on deployment would drag on and on, but most days I can barely catch my breath! Between the numerous ailments that Logan contracted within the last month, the rainy weather, family in town and my master bath remodel I haven't found much time to do what I love most. But, spring has finally sprung here in Virginia so I'm hoping to be out and about more! Logan and I had a very busy day today. The day ended with a baby shower and since Logan was getting a bit antsy, I decided to let him run free (well, crawl) at one of the neighborhood parks before we went home for dinner. He's getting better on his feet and takes a few steps at a time now. We started heading towards the car to go home and Logan apparently didn't like that much so he raced away from me in the opposite direction. With shorts on though, he didn't want to put his knees down on the concrete so he did this "downward dog" sort of crawl away from me. In true Logan fashion though he had to see if mom was coming to get him, so instead of turning around to see if I'm there, he just put his head down on the concrete and peered at me through his legs. I was just about in stitches at this point. Silly boy! He definately keeps me on my toes most days!


  1. He is soooo cute! Love how clear and bright his little eyes are! :)

  2. This is such a sweet shot, I love how his eyes are just peeking from between his legs. Very nice.