Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was bittersweet. I think it was the toughest day for me since Andy has been away. It truly felt like such an honor to be there to share in such a memorable day for Tiffany and Cara, but it did bring a few tears to my eyes as I longed for my hubby's return. Both are remarkable women and I could feel the pride, the anticipation, and the (lack) of patience beaming from both of them like a 3 year old trying so very patiently to wait for that ice cream cone. That moment, is so very special. When time stands still and you think they are never going to taxi down that runway...when you spy them for the first time as they descend out of the jet...when they release the crowd and you can't seem to reach that special person fast enough...and when you finally do, you want to hug them as tight as you can just so you know it's real. Congrats to you both! I know it has been a long time coming. I know my day will come, I just have to give it a few more months...


  1. I know today was hard for you. We appreciate you so much and your pictures are absolutely priceless to us. I'd be happy to come take some pics of your fly in, VERY SOON! But, they won't be even close to as good as yours! :) Thank you again!!

  2. Oh gosh, thanks for making me cry! So sweet!

  3. christene - this entry brought tears to my eyes. jesse and i continue to pray for your strength and andy's safe return home.

    i envy your strength.

    take care and stay well.