Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My favorite things of Christmas...See's Candy Chocolates

I don't think East Coasters can truly appreciate these chocolates. Growing up in California, we have whole See's candy stores! It's truly magical to step into one of these black and white stores to the smells of chocolate and sugar, greeted with your very own free sample. A child's delight! So, while we do have See's candy on the East Coast, it is nothing more than a meager kiosk packed high with prepackaged chocolates. Mom knows me well enough that every Christmas, or birthday she sends me a package of only my most favorite chocolates. This year it was a 2 pound box of milk chocolate truffles, maple walnut, and milk bordeoux chocolates. Truly heaven in my eyes! They may last me until Christmas...maybe.


  1. Oooh... I can relate... visiting a See's store was a sweet treat when I flew "home" last fall! Enjoy those truffles, Christene!

  2. I just saw a sign for See's candy and wondered what it was! Now I know!!! MMMMM.