Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Day Portrait Party | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

So, I've been hiding these pictures since about April or May. I did a very special portrait party for the deployed daddy's for Father's Day. Here are just a couple from our 2-day, 9 family mini sessions! And to all the deployed daddy's out there, wishing you all a wonderful Father's Day! And to my hubby who is probably the only one out on the ship reading this blog, I'm trusting that you aren't sharing this link in case they haven't seen their pictures yet ;) Love ya babe!


  1. Christene: These pictures are amazing!!! Being a military kid, I would always miss my daddy on Father's Day. This is a great tribute and I hope all the daddies of those babies get to see these awesome pictures!!!

  2. Love them Christene!!! So great. I love the colors in Kristy's photo. And H and E look adorable. I don't know some of those people. So weird. I love Jill's kids too. But how could you not?
    You're very talented.