Sunday, May 30, 2010

She's ONE! | Virginia Beach Children's Photographer

This little spit fire was on her own program today and it was quite the challenge keeping up with her with my big ol' pregnant belly in the way :) She is also my last shoot until this baby decides to make his/her entrance. So, here's a quick sneak peak for Jenn and Nate. I hope you guys didn't get too wet during the freak downpour today!


  1. So precious!! I love Aubrey and the balloons. Too cute.

  2. Christene I am still baffled by the way Aubrey was acting yesterday. I have never seen her act like that (of course she had to show that side of her on her first photo shoot, jeez!).
    We did get soaked but it will be a great story to tell her one day on how difficult she was and then it poured on us! ha ha
    Hope we didn't cause too much stress on the belly!
    Love the two pics you posted!!!