Monday, October 26, 2009

Forgotten: A Photographic Series

I'm always drawn to these abandoned houses and buildings. I sit there wondering and imagining their life...the kids running around in the back field. The dog sitting on the front porch watching the cars pass by on the road. I wonder what circumstances led to their abandonment. Why were they forgotten? I pass by them every so often. Sometimes I am lucky enough to have my camera with me.

I thought I would start sharing this series with you. It's definitely a work in progress. I see a couple worth sharing every year. If you'd like to see more in this series, visit my facebook page and become fan!


  1. So cool!! We have a burned out convalescent home here by the North Shore that I am dying to use somehow, so creepy though! You should set up some kind of shoot with these! Whatever your imagination can dream up, go for it!

  2. These are great. I love old houses/buildings! I always wonder who lived there...why it got so run down much history that we will never know about...