Monday, August 31, 2009

West Virginia

I love that my little family can still be spontaneous, even with a toddler in tow. A late decision to get away left us with a day to prepare a carload full of necessities and an evening to make a decision on where to adventure to. We decided on West Virginia, mainly because of the promise of cool mountain air and the allure of a 6-hour drive instead of a 9-hour drive to the Smokey Mountains (yes, we were considering it!) We ended up camping near the Greenbrier River Trail (a rail-to-trail conversion) and the scenery there was breathtaking! School was already in session there so a mid-week camping decision gave us free reign of the campgrounds and a lightly traveled trail to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy. The bridge was part of the trail system and was a gorgeous site to see! The lake was eerily calm. We saw one family sitting on a park bench enjoying the site and a canooer way off in the distance absorbing the serenity. I could have stayed there all day!


  1. christene, these are beautiful images!!! i've been enjoying your assignments too ... especially the night one! wowzers! ;)

  2. Wow! That looks so relaxing! Seeing as im only in maryland, that seems like a good get away place to try! And i looked at your night assinment! Wow Wow Wow! The pictures are absolutly beautiful! You did such a good job! I'm inspired to try it.

  3. Gorgeous! Some of those would have been awesome for the reflection assignment!