Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's Home!!

Someone pinch me! Please! After a long 5 1/2 month deployment, my honey is home!!! Homecomings almost make deployments worth it...almost. Time stood still yesterday as we waiting in anticipation. Logan seemed oblivious to the significance of the occassion, happy to run around with the other kids. With lighting and heavy rain moving in, we had to wait it out a little longer than anticipated, but the moment was so worth it after they finally landed, canopies opened, and they waved us all through! Logan and I couldn't seem to get to Daddy fast enough. I couldn't seem to kiss him long enough, or to see his eyes through my own tears to really know that he is there, standing in front of me grinning from ear to ear. It took Logan the walk back to the hangar to realize who was standing with us. Once he realized it was "Daddy", Mommy just faded to the background and took it all in. I melted to see Logan reach for him and insist that Andy hold his hand as they walked around the hangar. Logan wasn't even a year old when his daddy left and my one true fear was that he wouldn't remember who he is. Logan definitely proved me wrong. Today they laid on the floor and played cars together while I watched in pure joy.

**A special thank you to Cara who, despite being sick, made it out to capture these wonderful memories for us! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cara!!!


  1. so incredibly moving christine! thank you for sharing with us. this post, your feelings, the photos, and your husband! God's blessings to both of you!

  2. You know what I love about homecomings... (apart from the homecoming of course)... is the public intimate moment. I mean the emotion shared between the members of each individual family just overflows, there's no hiding it behind inhibition in that moment... and there are pictures to show such elation!

    Your family is gorgeous! Many many Congrats on the Homecoming!

  3. I have tears....I always do when I read, hear, or see homecomings stories and pictures. I am soo happy for your little family! The novelty of your hubby won't wear off for a while. The feeling is amazing!

  4. Yayyyyy!! We are so happy for you guys!!

    And I am NOT sick! ;)

  5. Beautiful. Makes me so happy for you! I would have had the same fears about the babe....and how sweet to hear how your little man knew exactly who came home!! :)