Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My 1st Interview!

Tiffany is a fellow Navy wife and writes a fabulous blog on the art of balancing military life with a career of her own. Like myself, she has taken a more unconventional career path and is using her Berkeley degree as a freelance writer, taking on projects such as grants, press releases, and promotional materials just to name a few! I am honored to be featured in her blog! You can view our interview here!


  1. Great interview. I am so happy you found something to pursue that you love. I love your pictures, and was actually bragging on you to my some of the girls on the board think just because they have the right camera they are "Shazam" a photographer...very few really have the eye like you do. Keep it up and good luck with the business.

  2. I loved your interview!! It really is inspiring to see you following your heart like you are. I suppose I should dust off my camera soon.... :)